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Success Story

How to Boost your Fat Loss Efforts In 30 Days or Less

Every time you struggle to lose fat, in the heat of the moment you jump on board the next ‘quick-fix’ solution, right? Well, how’s that working out for you?

It’s unfortunate, but most women and men’s fat loss strategies concocted in this state of panic are fundamentally flawed – they don’t take into consideration the bigger picture, what type of weight they’re losing, the long term health costs, the stress on their bodies, hormonal messages, sleep and more.

They take a scattergun approach to their fitness regime, and well… fail miserably.

Which is why, today I want to share with you the strategies that Julie applied to her struggling fat loss goals to generate an incredible 6kg fat loss in her first 7 days.  I want you to read that sentence again, there’s a very important difference between most people’s beliefs and their results.

Notice, I didn’t say weight loss, but Fat Loss.  Our approach is to maintain your muscle and build on it to increase your metabolism, balance hormones, and toning your body, while encouraging your body to only burn body fat.

You see Julie, like many other women and men, was at a critical point in her life and needed an immediate shift in attitudes and beliefs. Let’s now see how she did it and how you can apply it to your own goals today.


Julie R is the Store Manager of a busy Chemist, so you can imagine how she is run off her feet, all day every day, without being able to take time for herself.

Julie’s goal was to stop yo-yo dieting and finally find a way to lose fat and tone up once and for all.

Like many, her life is hectic with a busy career, juggling staff members, sick family members (that she regularly needed to fly interstate to spend their final days with them), supporting family members through these tough times, supporting family members at home, and everything else life throws one’s way. You know exactly what it’s like.


Julie said, “I knew I needed a change. I was exhausted all the time, I could concentrate on anything, my relationship with my husband was suffering, it was almost like I could feel the stress coursing through my body and my weight kept going up and up no matter what I did. Not to mention the stress and heartache of the thought of failure, I couldn’t let that happen, so changes had to be made.”

While looking for a place to start, Julie found OneBody Wellness and the OneBody Method and realised it offered exactly what she needed…fast and sustainable results!

“With Chad’s knowledge and experience in health and fitness to mentor you through the program with every step, it was an easy choice to sign up,” Julie said.

Stop Wasting money on health, fitness and exercise plans that don’t work

Julie said that what she needed was the right kind of guidance to fully understand what she was going through so she could put a strategic plan in place and stop wasting money on fat loss activities that weren’t working.

While virtually starting from scratch might seem to be difficult, it actually lets you plan for all sorts of possibilities, rather than just for the ones you can see. There is nothing to limit you.

Making the plan fit your lifestyle, not changing your lifestyle to fit your exercise and wellness plan

Where did Julie start?

She began by focusing on the things she could control, knowing that she was more likely to get results by not stressing about the things she could not control, while making the right choices that she learned would make the biggest differences.

Instead of focusing on her goal, she looked at where she was starting from. For so many times, she knew where she wanted to go, but never got there, because she never took the time to figure out where she was starting from. Once she knew her starting point, following the map to success became a whole lot easier.

She developed a fat loss mindset rather than simply following the latest celebrity endorsed weight loss plan and social influencer. This tailored approach let Julie build on little victories as they happened, and kept her on track to her goals.

How to Boost and increase your fat loss efforts fast

Julie’s day to day has become more structured, way more organised and relaxed since implementing her new health and wellness plan. She now has the strategies in place to keep her body burning fat in simple ways that in the past she could not have imagined possible.

Julie put in the work and followed each of the steps in The OneBody Method, and her results speak for themselves.

“I’m so happy to say that within the first week of starting the program, I lost 6 kilos of body fat. I couldn’t believe the result because I was eating so much more than normal and the fat seemed to fall off” she said.

Taking back control of your body and life

Julie has achieved outstanding results in a very short time.

She says, “I have a newfound drive and passion for what I can do and complete confidence within myself of truly knowing that my fitness is back on track for longterm success.”

Julie is just one of thousands of other clients that have used Chad Sorsdahl’s powerful OneBody Method and fitness strategies to significantly help them shed fat, tone up and regain control of their life.

To learn how you can Re-Balance your hormones to Re-Balance your body to Re-Balance your Life and learn to re-love your self and build higher confidence without having to slave away in the gym or sacrifice your social life, schedule a free 5 -10 minute chat with Chad and the OneBody team to day by Clicking Here Now.