lose weight even with an under active thyroid

Success Story

How to Skyrocket your Fat Loss and Muscle Toning with an under-active thyroid

Do you find yourself spending long hours exercising without seeing any definitive results? It happened to me in the early stages of my career until I smartened up, but I needed a real a-ha moment (or in fact many) for me to truly understand where I was going wrong.

Sometimes we are not even sure what we need until it is staring us right in the face.

This happened to Teresa, busy mother, hashimoto’s hypothyroidism sufferer and subject of this week’s case study.

Teresa was a busy mom with a rare medical disorder, Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. Her weight would fluctuate anywhere from 7-10 kgs. at a time on a consistent basis.

Pretty depressing, right!? Unfortunately for her, she started to lose hope that nothing would work and that her condition would always be the one thing holding her back from the body she desired.

Teresa S, a busy mother and sufferer of Hashimoto’s Disease

Teresa S, a busy mother and sufferer of Hashimoto’s Disease

The results are in, smart work, not hard work

Teresa’s health was suffering and she was averaging only 4 hours of sleep each night. These long days looking after her family, and her disorder, were taking a toll on her health and the fitness plan she was following, was still not getting the results she needed to make her happy.

“I knew in my heart it was possible to lose weight to where I needed it to be, but I did not have all the pieces of the puzzle to make it happen.”

Teresa looked at everything she had tried in the past to lose weight.  Every time she lost weight, she gained it back just as quickly. All the blood, sweat and tears she was pouring into her program were not producing the results she wanted and it was then she realised she could not go it alone any longer.

“I knew I needed help fast and Chad’s program was recommended as a no fluff program from a friend of mine…”

There’s no payoff without a plan

Teresa needed to find the right coach quickly.  Someone who aligned with her goals and one that could help her with her condition.  Her difficulty losing weight was causing stress and anxiety, and she was struggling to cope with everything.

“I had the passion to make it happen but I needed help to make it sustainable and manageable.”

One thing I’ve learnt in my time is that you must have a plan, and the best plan involves strategy and preparation. That’s how I’ve helped thousands of women and men just like you to achieve life changing results. It’s the principle I’ve built my programs on.

Defining your goals and getting clear on exactly what you want and need are paramount to your success. Wishful thinking won’t cut it.  Jumping on the latest fad diet won’t cut it.

And sometimes, you need a more immediate plan to get you refocused and back on track, especially when you have a deadline you want to achieve your goals and you’re making health decisions from a state of panic, instead of a calm state of mind.

It’s like going to the supermarket when you’re starving! You’re going to make poor decisions. It’s guaranteed.

I was humbled to work with Teresa to help her define and clarify her goals, and then develop a wellness strategy to help her achieve them with the conditions and limitations she was dealing with.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend big money nor do you have to devote all day every day to your fitness. All you need is a strategic series of daily actions that you do consistently to pivot your health, fitness and wellness in the right direction.

Teresa was focused and keen, and soon knew exactly where she was going.
So what happened?

The success of Teresa’s weight loss has increased her passion in many areas of her life.  Family, Friends and Business are all areas where her life has improved

The unbeatable ROI of investing in yourself

“Knowing what I know now, I would have easily paid 10x what Chad asked me to invest in myself.  I didn’t know what I didn’t know”

Teresa learned a lot. In fact Teresa became aware that her whole approach to her wanting to lose weight was misaligned with what she thought she needed to do to lose weight. We sat down and discussed what she was doing (same thing most people do – cut calories and try to exercise more) which was not working. She took my advice onboard and started working very differently to the way she had in the past. In fact, she gives herself credit as being a completely new person.

“I used to get really frustrated with working so hard and not getting the results – now I’ve reached a point where I don’t need to stress about my weight anymore.”

Through this new fitness approach, her ability to lose weight feels a lot more effective and effortless. In fact she says that since she started with OneBody, what she has learned along the way, is completely different to what she believed was the right way to lose weight..

Not bad for someone who was getting ready to throw in the towel, right?

The investment she made on herself and her health produced amazing results. She no longer stresses about her weight.  Teresa has shifted to a fat burning mentality instead of a weight loss mindf#$k.  She now listens to her body, and makes adjustments as needed.

When you take control of your body, you become free.  If you let others tell you how you should feel, you have given control to them.  Who do you think is going to take better care of YOUR body?

She now has the financial freedom to make wiser investment choices and better understands the pitfalls in the business. She has developed and grown her team and has now set up an automated social media procedure and system based on my teachings. That system alone doubled Yogafun’s sales in the first month of implementation and she is well on her way to achieving her own personal vision for the company. And more than that she has reduced those graveyard office shifts once and for all.

“I feel very proud of what I have achieved; very grateful for all the tools and info Chad has shown me to make my dreams come to fruition.”

After all this hard work, Teresa is well and truly capable of enjoying herself knowing that if she wants to eat foods that may not be conducive to fat burning, she knows what she can do so that the body eliminates them quickly before it has a chance to store them as unwanted fat.

“In my case, I’ve lost over 36 centimetres, and that’s been huge for me. I’m not watching the yoyo-ing weight thing anymore. With my thyroidism, that is absolutely huge to see this drop and know it’s not gonna come back because I’ve got something I can sustain it with.”

Double your fat loss in one month

Your quick fire action checklist

So don’t just wish for results like Teresa’s. Go out and get them! If you too can double your results in one month, it’s worth taking action.

And, the very first place you need to begin is by getting clear on;

  1. Your overall health and fitness goals
  2. How you will strategically increase your fat burning efforts (i.e. see beyond the eating and exercise to achieve a sustainable result)
  3. Achieving the right mindset to help you power through the tough times.
  4. Knowing how to eat the foods you love to get your desired result
  5. Know what to do each and every day to steer yourself in the direction of your new body
  6. Understanding what different types of exercise can do for you.  Why only doing one style of exercise is counter productive.  But you need to know the right combination of exercises so your body is working in harmony to get you the best results possible. None should be working out of sync with the others. If they are, your exercise strategy is broken and will only ever deliver frustrating and mediocre results at best.

Pick a strategy and stick to it.

Flip flopping around from fad diet to fad exercise routine because you have “bright shiny object syndrome” will send you off the deep end fast. You must have the patience to refine a strategy until it works for you. Making small tweaks with each revision.

Teresa is just one of thousands of other clients that have used Chad Sorsdahl’s powerful OneBody Method and fitness strategies to significantly help them shed fat, tone up and regain control of their life.

To learn how you can Re-Balance your hormones to Re-Balance your body to Re-Balance your Life and learn to re-love your self and build higher confidence without having to slave away in the gym or sacrifice your social life, schedule a free 5 -10 minute chat with Chad and the OneBody team today by Clicking Here Now