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7 Reasons Why Your Fat Loss Plan Is Failing

Women and men all over the world are seeking the elusive health, fitness and weight loss plan for an easy way to lose weight and tone muscle without doing the hard yards. Unfortunately, they’re not aware that it is the cumulative total of a number of fitness and wellness strategies working in conjunction with one […]

The Top 5 Free Fitness Apps

No matter how determined we are, sometimes we need a little bit of extra help when it comes to our fitness. One of the best motivators for fitness is tracking and seeing actual progress which is where Fitness Apps come in extremely handy! We have sourced the top 5 fitness apps which help keep things […]

Exercise and Mental Health

Exercise and Mental Health We’ve all heard the saying ‘A healthy body makes a healthy mind’ well guess what – it’s true. Exercise has been proven to be as affective as improving our mental health as it is improving our physical health and there are number of reasons why the two are so closely related […]